Sharp Waste Collection & Disposal In Dubai

Sharp Waste Collection & Disposal In Dubai

The term sharps waste refers to items used to puncture or cut body parts. In a waste container, sharps can cause punctures, cuts and potential exposure to Medical waste handlers. DotLess highly trained and experienced team can safely collect and correctly dispose of your sharps waste. we are the one leading medical waste company in Dubai and are Approved by Dubai Municipality.  Your sharps waste will be collected by our dedicated hazardous waste agile and transported to a specialized waste facility, where we dispose of waste according to legislative requirements as per the Dubai Municipality.

The following are always sharps waste:

  • Needles, syringes
  • Lancets
  • Scalpel blades

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharps waste is any used needles, syringes or surgical instruments generated from healthcare activities, medical research, veterinary care, and drug administration.

Sharps have the potential to cause injury and are likely to be contaminated, posing a risk of infection or illness if they penetrate the skin. Therefore it is essential to follow safe procedures when using and disposing of sharps. Sharps waste should be stored in designated sharps waste containers.

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