Pharmaceutical Waste Collection

Pharmaceutical Waste Collection & Disposal In Dubai

Pharmaceutical medical waste is any waste that contains medical drugs which are expired, unused Medicine or no longer needed.Our Royal Enviro Waste Management Services in Dubai can help with the collection and disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste as per the Dubai Municipality rules.

The following are always Pharmaceutical Waste:

  • The pharmaceutical stock is expired.
  • Pharmaceutical waste, PPE Medical waste
  • All waste included with pharmaceuticals

All Together, We Can Preserve Our Communities And The Environment

Safe, and Efficient

Royal Enviro hazardous waste collection are designed for healthcare facilities to efficiently manage pharmaceutical waste and medical waste in Dubai. Our comprehensive services include Medical waste, Sharp Waste, and Clinical waste collection in Dubai in a safe and efficient manner. Medical waste, in particular, is considered a biohazard, referring to any waste generated in healthcare facilities during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans or animals. This includes discarded blood, sharp objects, human or animal tissue, discarded gloves, surgical instruments, medical supplies, used body parts, bandages and dressings.

Protecting the Environment

Royal Enviro hazardous waste collection was a pioneer of eco-conscious pharmaceutical waste disposal and to this day, we’re committed to the Medical waste collection in Dubai with well trained operators. Additionally, Royal Enviro hazardous waste collection waste service and Safe Community Solutions protect your healthcare organization and community from Medical Waste in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharps waste is any used needles, syringes or surgical instruments generated from healthcare activities, medical research, veterinary care, and drug administration.

Sharps have the potential to cause injury and are likely to be contaminated, posing a risk of infection or illness if they penetrate the skin. Therefore it is essential to follow safe procedures when using and disposing of sharps. Sharps waste should be stored in designated sharps waste containers.

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